Updated for 2018:

XSK9 project remembrance week tattoo event! HERE IT IS.. the list of tattoo artists so far!! Call the studio to book in your time. HERE IS THE LIST SO FAR OF ARTISTS who will be helping at the XSK9 project remembrance week tattoo event!

Nov 3
John Roberts ,
Krys Hawkins,

Nov 4
John Roberts,
Lana Anderson,
Krys Hawkins

Nov 5
Trevor Whelen,
Conrad Plews,

Nov 6
Chris Rhyason,
Conrad Plews,

Nov 7
Anastasia Powell,
Jonnii guns

Nov 8
Elaina Tuttle,
Anda Abrams
Liz Venom
Sushii John

Nov 9
Chris Musson
Elaina Tuttle
Anda Abrams

Nov 10
Krys Hawkins
Jesse Dolphin
Will Grierson




IGY6 for Veteran Support

The phrase “I’ve got your six” refers to “I’ve got your back.” The saying originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing a pilot’s rear as the six o’clock position. It is now a ubiquitous term in the military that highlights the loyalty, brotherhood, mutual support and cooperation found in military culture.
Let’s show our combat veterans that we have their backs, that we appreciate all they have done, and the sacrifices they have made.  Let’s show them that no matter what, we are here to support them.  Please join us to raise funds and awareness for the XSK9 Project, service dogs for combat veterans.

The XSK9 Project

XSK9  is in its formative stages and is in great need of financial support.  XSK9 is being established as a non profit organization who’s mandate and objective is to facilitate the training and pairing of rescue dogs, who possess the aptitude to become service dogs, with military or private contractor veterans who daily live and deal with PTSD and/or TBI; the mental and physical scars of battle.

The goal is to transform the lives of Canadian combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) by providing integrative service dog training and mental health support.
The cool part about the transformation:

  • Adopt shelter dogs from the Humane Society and other approved shelters,
  • Integrate each veteran and dog team to a specialized training program specifically designed for team success,
  • Add essential mental health services during the 9-12 month training program,
  • Support the veterans’ entire family and integrate the veteran/dog team into the community.

The project strengthens our community in two ways; by helping veterans overcome the invisible wounds of war and helping abandoned / neglected dogs to become compliant specialised service dogs. These dogs allow our combat veterans’ to move forward, live more productive lives and give them the confidence and security to start the healing process. At the same time, our veterans give the dogs a purpose in life and the chance to be loved and part of a family. The bond that develops between veteran and dog is one of a kind and each is saving the other.

The goal with this week long event is to expand awareness of XSK9 and the benefits that a program like this can be to our veterans who are not being provided all the treatments for a successful outcome for dealing with their injuries.

Tune into our Facebook page or our website, Facebook Event Page

War Ink

Tattoos are a springboard for veterans’ to share their stories.  Blunt, beautiful, disturbing, and often darkly-humorous, the tattoos are a visual expression of memories and emotions that can be difficult to discuss openly. The tattoo is like a map of their journey.


Bear Skin Art along with Alberta Premier Tattooists are combining forces in support of combat veterans and service dogs by donating their artistic talents and time to a tattoo extravaganza hosted at Bear Skin Art Tattoo studio 10517-124 street, November 4-10 noon to six pm each day.  This will provide a fulfilling tattoo experience for each client, as well as supporting this veteran support project. There are over 50 custom designed “flash tattoos” ranging from $50- $320 created by our volunteer artists with a common theme of k9 and veteran images to choose from! Eikon Device, world famous tattoo supply company is co-sponsoring this event by graciously donating all the supplies needed for this weeklong event!

Each artist is donating one day of tattoo time tattooing  smaller art pieces (1 to 3 hours) on scheduled and drop in clients.  Each artist is contributing tattoo designs tailored to this particular event, thus providing a great deal of personalized artistic input for each client.

In honor of Remembrance day, Please help us honor and support our veterans! Make a personal contribution to the XSK9 project by getting a tattoo at this event. Pass the word! YOU are doing great things for our veterans!

The event and tattoos is being hosted at Bear’s Skin Art  10517-124 street

  • Event Date: November 04 – 10, respecting Remembrance Day Saturday November 11, 2017
  • Event Location: 10517 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1R9.
  • Event Times: 11:00 am to 6:00 PM Each day. (Hours may be extended if necessary)


Talented tattoo Artists We have selected some of Alberta’s most talented award winning tattoo artists to be part of this event based on their artistic abilities, professional reputations and experience who are excited and honoured to support our military and private military contractors through the XSK9 project.

Each client will have the opportunity to pick one of our confirmed artists:

Anastasia  of Eye of the Lotus Tattoo, Edmonton

Trevor Whelen  of World Famous Sideshow Tattoo, Edmonton

Julia, Ying, George, Mark,  of Julia Body Art, Edmonton

Conrad  of Black Market Tattoo, Edmonton

Chris Rhyason  of Sterling Skull Tattoo Studio, Grande Prairie

Chris Musson  of Renaissance Tattoo, Red Deer

Alissa Hewison  of Aliss inks wonderland, Saskatoon

Learn More About the Artists

please contact Bear @ (780) 482-3876 for more information about  XSK9 or to book your tattoo appointments.